Holocene landscape and human mode of occupation in the Kura valley (Azerbaijan)

Ollivier V., Fontugne M., 2012, Holocene landscape and human mode of occupation in the Kura valley (Azerbaijan), in Bertille Lyonnet Ancient Kura 2010–2011: The first two seasons of joint field work in the Southern Caucasus, AMIT, Archäologische Mitteilingen aus Iran und Turan. n°43, pp. 121-127.Ollivier_pagesAMIT

Shamb travertine, southern Armenia : evidence of rapid climatic and morphogenic changes around 9500 cal. BP in the Lesser Caucasus

Ollivier Vincent, Joannin Sébastien, Roiron Paul, Nahapetyan Samuel, Gabrielyan Ivan, and Chataigner Christine   European Geosciences Union – Geophysical Research Abstract

Milieux, processus, faciès et dynamiques morphosédimentaires des formations travertineuses quaternaires en relation avec les changements climatiques et les occupations humaines entre Méditerranée et Caucase

Vincent OLLIVIER, Paul ROIRON, Adrian BĂLĂŞESCU, Samuel NAHAPETYAN, Yvan GABRIELYAN, Jean-Louis GUENDON                                             Studii de Preistorie

Travertinization and Holocene Morphogenesis in Armenia: A Reading Grid of Rapid Climatic Changes Impact on the Landscape and Societies Between 9500-4000 cal. BP in the Circumcaspian Regions?

Vincent Ollivier, Sébastien Joannin, Paul Roiron, Samuel Nahapetyan
and Christine Chataigner                         The European Archaeologist

Geomorphological studies in the Middle Valley of the Kura River (Azerbaïjan) First key to understand the Postglacial landscape mutations linked to climate changes and human occupation

Ollivier Vincent, Fontugne Michel, Lyonnet Bertille, and Helwing Barbara   European Geosciences Union- Geophysical Research Abstract